Our rapidly developing understanding of mirror neurons means that we are all leaders. Yes me. Yes you.

It seems that if you see someone smile, or eat, or cry, your neurons for smiling or eating or crying fire up and you get a sensation in your mind for smiling, eating or crying. So whether we like it or not, are conscious of it or not, other people are following us all the time. And if we choose not to show up, that too is leadership.

For me this understanding carries a lot of responsibility, not all of it welcome! But here we are. It is what it is.

I worry about climate change, income justice, loneliness and the need for reconciliation. When I do, I lead.
I have worked inside unions, not for profits, am part of a faith community. All the people I know inside all these groups worry too. All of us would like to act. But what can one person do? How can one group make a difference on what a friend of mind calls “these wicked problems”.
What if we learn to act together? Yes, it’s true there are big differences in culture, in emphasis, inside all these groups. But there is also a lot of common ground.

Greater Victoria Acting Together is a broad collaborative of faith communities, not for profits, educational institutions and unions to set shared priorities and act on them together. This is leadership.
Come join us! We will learn to be more conscious of our existing leadership skills, strengthen our existing groups and to work with others who seek to advance the common good. Let’s worry – and take effective action –together.

www.gvat.ca Free or low cost leadership institutes November 18-19 and November 21

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