What is leadership?

True leadership is seeing beyond the obvious in both business and personal endevours. Finding a way of taking what you do to for the betterment of all to a larger audience. It is the way of finding a better path than already exists.


We put a lot of emphasis on the economy as though it is a living entity that needs to grow in order to provide a better quality of life for all, when in fact such beliefs may be doing more long term harm than good. Perhaps creating a stronger, more vibrant economy is not what is needed, but, instead to change or eliminate the economy and the negative effects it has on society.

The accepted belief is that to support large corporations and monopolies is more beneficial than supporting smaller businesses and Mom & Pop operations, because big business provides massive employment and a means to allow smaller businesses to function and operate, when in fact the opposite is true.

We need to take off the blinders that blur our vison of how things actually operate.


It is not large corporation’s that benefit society and keep small businesses profitable, but, the opposite way around. Large corporations could not exist without the purchasing power of smaller operations. Small businesses purchase the vehicles and petroleum products, software and computers and a myriad of other associated goods and services from large corporations and monopolies, without which the large corporations and monopolies could not exist.

If the above is true, then the question that begs to be asked is, “why do we subsidize the large corporations with huge tax incentives, preferential support from all levels of government and huge cash subsides along with favorable terms not available to the smaller enterprises.

If a large corporation or monopoly is allowed to exist it should do so without the favorable treatment that is unavailable to smaller enterprises and stand on its own merits. No longer should we shower the large corporations with cash incentives and unfair tax breaks when the CEOs and directors reward themselves with huge salaries and bonuses that are derived indirectly from the public purse.


The original idea of government was to serve the people. Over time this idea seems to have been lost. Whether we live in a democracy, Monarchy, dictatorship, communist, presidential, emirate or Marxism style of government, they all seems to be affected with the same lack of moral and social ideals.

The government of whichever type you may want to choose all operate with the same form of control. They put their own needs before the needs of the people.

When feeding from the trough, they feed themselves first and the people last, they rule by punishment not reward and implement rules and laws to keep the people subservient to their needs.

Perhaps a new form of government should be considered, one that does not govern, but, instead serves, a Servernant as opposed to a Government.

This new form of government would operate by providing for the needs and welfare of the people through the taxes and other fees it might collect and only after the needs of the people are met would they share what is left between the people that make up the many levels of government.

The people would feed from the trough first and the government last of all.

Perhaps with these or similar ideals in mind we would attract to government posts only those that truly wish to serve and benefit the population.


If we are to truly live in a world of peace, prosperity and cooperation we need to rethink how society functions.

We need to first and foremost realize that we are just one of many and what each of us does individually, indirectly affects all of society. By helping where we can and supporting our neighbors and those in need, we can each have a positive effect on the many issues that currently plaque our society.

The Navaho do not have translation for the word poverty, because it does not exist in their nation. Perhaps instead of trying to civilize the indigenous peoples of the world, we should allow them to educate the so called civilized world.

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