About Us

Our Vision: To celebrate social innovation, unite community and achieve a more just and sustainable world by inspiring individual, community and local well-being.

The Creatively United for the Planet Society is a non-profit collective that brings together and showcases local businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals committed to improving the quality of life in our region.

Founded in 2010, and officially incorporated in 2012, our society has brought together more than 10,000 people in the past six years. We have done so through dynamic partnerships resulting in a zero-waste sustainability showcase that has attracted thousands of people annually, a variety of community events, resource materials, a Nature In the Heart of the City map, two books: Stepping Into Nature and Higher Ground, plus through educational programming that celebrates a more socially just and sustainable world.

Connecting Community

We know a lot of people are doing amazing things that more people should know about. For this reason, the Creatively United for the Planet non-profit team has responded to the need for a region-wide values-based, purpose-driven event and resource hub that showcases and celebrates the important work that people are doing to ensure where we live, work, eat, play and study remains beautiful, vibrant, healthy and resilient.

Collaboratively we help foster strategic alliances and provide a positive forum and an integrated network for individuals of all ages, community groups, businesses, institutions and NGO’s to connect, learn, share and get their message out to larger audiences year-round.

Our focus is to showcase the synergy that happens when people find common ground and create collaborative solutions for the greater good.

To keep the conversations going and growing, we welcome you to participate in Solutions by reading, writing, posting, sharing and staying connected with this vibrant community of inspired leaders and change makers creating a better world for us all.

What an amazing resource! I just had a look around your website and what an opportunity for grassroots organizations to share information and build relationships. We will certainly be using it to the fullest extent. Kudos and you and your organization.

Kathleen Code

Ecoforestry Institute Society

Our Team

Brian Bury

Board Member

Brian believes every business has a responsibility for sustainability in its operations.

His business Global Environmental Lighting Services provides solutions to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, streamline their operations and save money with cost efficient lighting technology.

He is a member of International DarkSky, Illuminating Engineering Society, International Association of Lighting Management Contractors, plus a PowerSmart Alliance Partner.

Frances Litman

Creatively United Founder/Producer, Writer, Board Member, Community Connector

The vision for Creatively United for the Planet grew out of the long-held desire of founder Frances Litman to create support for those doing the “hero work” in our community.

Her big picture vision has resulted in Frances receiving a 2012 CRD Ecostar Community Award and a 2017 Victoria Community Leadership Award.

She volunteers thousands of hours annually to bringing people together and showcasing positive solutions that foster healthy, happy and more resilient communities.

Frances is best known professionally as an international award-winning photographer and brings decades of multi-media experience and creativity to her many roles.

Jake Jansen

Webmaster, Graphic Designer

Jake is a web and graphic designer and amateur photographer who loves to capture nature in his images.

He designed and maintains the Creatively United website. He also creates the graphics and printed materials for the organization, as well as assists with administrative tasks.

Barbara Hayes

CU Shaw Team Grip

Dr. Trevor Hancock

Dr. Trevor Hancock is a public health physician and health promotion consultant with a long-standing interest in the relationship between health and the natural and built environment.

He is currently a Professor and Senior Scholar at UVic’s School of Public Health and Social Policy and his columns can be seen in the Times-Colonist newspaper.

In 2015, Dr. Trevor Hancock was awarded Honourary Fellowship in the UK’s Faculty of Public Health for his contributions to public health, and in 2017, the Defries Medal – the Association’s highest honour – by the Canadian Public Health Association. Outside of his work life, Dr. Hancock is an enthusiastic Morris dancer and semi-professional outdoor photographer.

Graime Haynes

CU Shaw Lead Grip, Adviser

Graime is a computer consultant whose career has allowed him to pursue his love of the outdoors.

He feels that each of us has a responsibility to protect our natural resources for future generations.
Volunteering is a way to learn about and experience the diversity and passions of people that make up a strong community.

Getting to the top of the mountain is a journey. Along the path be in the moment with every step!

Doreen Webb

Board Member, CU Shaw Team Grip

Doreen is a “Jill of all trades” with the bulk of her life spent in child care counseling and mental health work.

She brings to the festival a profound love of nature, gardening and social justice with and emphasis on peace and kindness

Leslie Purkis

Writer & Researcher

Leslie is a former manager in a large oil and gas company, entrepreneur, teacher and strategist.

Inquisitive by nature, her curiosity and passion motivates research and writing into how each of us impacts our environment and the planet.

She is passionate about connecting with people, sharing knowledge, and inspiring action and solutions in those who want to make a difference in their community.







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