BCSEA Victoria Chapter

Category: Education – Tags: sustainability, energy, solar, wind power, tidal power, bicycling, active transportation, policy, advocacy

prasmuss [at] sonic.net
932 Balmoral Road, Victoria, BC V8T 1A8
(250) 920-0124

BCSEA Victoria Chapter has been involved in advocating for a sustainable energy future in many ways for the last 14 years. Among other things, we organized the Changing Gears active transportation expo in 2014, put on a speakers series on many aspects of sustainable energy and organized 6 candidates debates for the federal election in 2015, and this year have been advocating for local municipalities to adopt 100% renewable energy by 2050 including organizing a town hall in Saanich to impart information and receive ideas from the public on a 100% renewable energy future for Saanich. By advocating for sustainable energy, we help to make the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that we all must do possible, and our advocacy encourages a more vibrant community through such things as reducing vehicular traffic, encouraging more community oriented forms of transportation and localizing energy production and consumption.

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