Urban Sanctuaries Project

The Capital Regional District (CRD) has teamed up with many regional partners to celebrate the 2017 centennial of the Migratory Bird Convention Act. The CRD is home to 3 of BC’s 7 bird sanctuaries, in Shoal Harbour, Esquimalt Lagoon and Victoria Harbour.

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The Ancient Forest Alliance

The documentary, directed by filmmaker Darryl Augustine, features an overview of the history of the Ancient Forest Alliance, spectacular images of BC’s old-growth forests, and interviews of local leaders.

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HeroWork – Leadership In Action

HeroWork is fastly becoming a household name in Victoria with the many Radical Renovation projects founder Paul Latour has completed with his community-styled events that are akin to a modern day barn raising “where dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers come together with exceptional cooperation and common vision.”

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World-class Presentations

This short video is a small sampling of the incredible diversity of wonderful speakers we have featured at Creatively United events.
The full-length presentations can be found and enjoyed here on our Resource page.

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Growing Young Farmers

Congratulations to Growing Young Farmers for winning the 2016 Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 2016 Crystal Award for Not-For-Profit! Growing Young Farmers Society was founded in 2011 by Dave Friend (aka Mr. Organic) and gained charity status in 2013. Our team is... Read more

Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership

The Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership (PSYL) has developed out of the values and mission of the UWC movement. Each summer, we bring together youth from around the world for a three-week UWC experience that gives them the opportunity to build an international... Read more

Fish Eye Project: Live Dives

We entertain, engage, and educate by connecting people to the world’s ocean through interactive Live Dives. Participants can see, hear, and talk to scuba divers, in real time, without getting wet.

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