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CINDEA is an acronym for ‘Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives’ — including home funerals, green burials, and pan-death DWENA support for Death Journeyers and their families. [DWENA: acronym for ‘Deathcare — Wholistic, Ecological, and/or Natural Alternatives’] Although based in Victoria, CINDEA provides resources to Canadians across the country; and is presently the most comprehensive pan-death website in Canada. Its mandate is supporting personal choice and meaningful alternatives, and the sustainability of our planet, throughout all of the facets of the pan-death process. CINDEA educates families on practical deathcare, and the regulations and paperwork needed for a home funeral (caring for their own dead at home) in their province/territory — as well as providing major resources for pre-death and post-death support. One of its major responsibilities is to advise potential DWENA practitioners on appropriate training (in person or online) and on setting up a service-practice in their local area — DWENA practioners may include Death Midwives, Death Doulas, Home Funeral Guides, Funeral Celebrants, and Grief Counsellors. It also provides practical workshops on home funerals — in person on the west coast, and via Skype elsewhere.

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