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151 Howe Street, Victoria, BC V8V 4K5
(250) 380-0998 is a breakthrough initiative to radically reduce commuting times and distances. Our 5-year goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one percent globally, save commuters billions of hours annually and boost corporate productivity, while lowering HR costs, decreasing traffic congestion and pollution, lowering healthcare costs, and strengthening regional economies.

Starting in Canada…

CloseCommute is preparing an audacious campaign to reduce the commuting time and distance of millions of Canadians. The process – for commuters and their employers – is simple to understand and implement.

The benefits:

For long commuters – more quality time each day, lower stress and improved health, reduced commuting costs, etc.
For employers – reduced costs for absenteeism, hiring, training and extended health benefits, higher productivity, etc.
For society and the environment – $100s of millions in regional economic benefits, reduced traffic load and congestion, less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
CloseCommute Systems Inc., a Victoria, BC-based benefit corporation, is providing a free app for commuters and a toolkit for employers. Our just-completed analysis of employee commute data for a major Canadian bank confirms this plan is all quite feasible.

Watch for the web app to be launched in early 2017, with the initial rollout aimed at Metro Vancouver’s 1 million daily commuters and Greater Victoria. Expanding to Toronto soon afterwards, then on to transforming Seattle.

We expect to be hosting The Great Canadian Commute Reduction Challenge: Which banks, credit unions, school boards and municipalities will take the pledge? Which will stay stuck in the unpleasant past?

We’ve started gathering media partners, sponsors and endorsers. If you have contacts to suggest or expertise to offer, please email Bruce at or phone 250-380-0998.

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