Leadership Victoria invites you to explore what it means to be a leader in your community. Attend a free information to learn about our 9-month leadership program and what it means to be a leader in Greater Victoria.

Sign up for a free information session at the following link: http://www.leadershipvictoria.ca/info_sessions

Leadership Victoria’s flagship program is based on a blend of theory and experience in the community. We bring together learners from diverse backgrounds, who work in business, non-profit, academic and government environments, and put you to work in collaborative teams. Each aspect of the program is considered integral to the structure of learning, so we consider all of these components to be required for graduation.

If you are curious about the Community Leadership Development Program:

Here’s an opportunity to get a preview of what the program is all about. We’ll explore the principles and basic concepts behind our approach to community leadership development:

  • What is community leadership?
  • What are the attributes and skills of community leaders?
  • Why would developing yourself as a community leader be a good investment for your career?
  • How does the Community Leadership Development Program help you build your skills?
  • What kind of commitment does the program need from you, and how will you be supported in it?

You’ll be able to ask questions of the Executive Director, somebody who has completed the program, and some of our volunteer facilitators.

Sign up for a free information session here.

Leadership Victoria is a community-based, voluntary organization committed to developing, recognizing and honouring outstanding community leaders in building a vibrant community. Since 2000, we have become the go-to organization for community leadership development in Greater Victoria. As volunteer board members, coaches, mentors, facilitators and program partners, we put our collective skills and expertise to work to develop Victoria’s emerging generation of leaders.

Since its inception, Leadership Victoria has graduated over 280 participants who have completed nearly 50 community action projects, leaving a tangible legacy in our community.

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