Couple Bolts Across Canada to Promote Zero Waste and Electric Vehicles

On July 1 2017, Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington will be dipping the wheels of their all- electric Chevrolet Bolt in the waters in Victoria BC as they launch a low impact road trip across Canada visiting communities along the way to promote Zero Waste and zero emission transportation.

The couple intend to drive from Victoria to Quidi Vidi Newfoundland in their new Bolt as they have a road trip with a purpose. As two of the directors of Zero Waste Canada, a national non-profit organization promoting Zero Waste in Canada and around the globe, the duo decided on a low impact road trip as a means of promoting sustainable transportation and Zero Waste lifestyle choices in a fun innovative way.

“As a grassroots organization promoting Zero Waste it is important for us to connect with regular Canadians living across Canada, a road trip allows us to reach people in their own communities and homes. Bolt Across Canada allows to show that it is possible make lifestyle changes that reduce our environmental impact…and you can still enjoy life,” says Barbara Hetherington.

Buddy Boyd added, “Simple lifestyle choices like making car choices and reducing our waste  can make a difference. We want to promote our emerging “green” highways and roads that are making easier for more and more Canadians to drive low emissions vehicles and we want to take the message that Zero Waste one of the quickest, easiest and most effective first steps for individuals and   communities to immediately reduce its GHG emissions.

Bolt Across Canada will be blogging on Bolt Across Canada  as they travel across Canada.

We are a grass roots organization dedicated to helping end the age of wasting through better design & education! Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes solid waste solutions that eliminate the use of landfills and waste-to-energy plants. ZWC works with all levels of government for responsible resource management and policies, legislation and initiatives that eliminate waste and support continuous reuse of resources. ZWC provides resource management demonstration projects and education, and is a reliable go-to resource that collaboratively promotes social, environmental and economic well-being.

Barb and I are directors of Zero Waste Canada and part of our goal of this road trip is to promote Zero Waste as we journey across Canada. We will be learning and writing about the successes and challenges that regular Canadians face. We will also be showing a low impact road trip holiday is possible.

Contact: Buddy Boyd
Bolt Across Canada /Zero Waste Canada

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