Creative Upcyclist and SaltSpring Island textile artist, Jaime Murdoch, leads this fascinating workshop that explores the question: Where do T-shirts come from? And where do they go?

By following the trail of the cotton t-shirt, we can raise our global awareness about where clothing factories are in the world, who makes our shirts, where the cotton comes from and what impact growing and processing cotton and manufacturing garments has on textile workers and the earth.

Participants will be given a hands-on opportunity to deconstruct a t-shirt to understand the different components and to create their very own one-of-a-kind t-shirt bag that can be used again and again for books, groceries, etc. while reducing textile and plastic waste. No sewing or art experience required.

Simple straight stitching techniques will be taught, using large darning needles and felt squares (provided) and simple knotting techniques will be used to create the bag. Fabric markers and simple sewing tools (needle, scissors, felt material) will be provided for use to create and embellish the bags. This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 8 (with assistance) to 80.
Supplies included. Participants are to bring a light coloured t-shirt, preferably second-hand or used (no navy or dark colours please).

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