By J Ocean Dennie
Communications Director, Social Environmental Alliance

It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about putting our egos aside and uniting with wisdom and compassion in solidarity to resist all forms of oppression, to overcome the potentially catastrophic challenges of our age and to liberate one another so all beings may live in harmony. As activists and advocates, we absolutely need to put our differences aside and struggle in unison if we are ever to realize the glimpses of a world we all truly long for deep deep down.

That is why, as Communications Director for the Social Environmental Alliance, I am committed to resisting the divide-and-conquer mentality of the privileged elite, focusing instead on building community, supporting and celebrating those individuals and groups who are prepared to take a stand and confront injustice head-on. Every month, we host an activist gathering and people’s forum to empower one another in raising our voices in critical resistance. This really fun evening event called RaDiCaL rAnTs! features engaging speakers, impassioned activists on the open mic and intense group discussions where I lead folks through an exploration of a particular theme such as solidarity, power or leadership.

I am also the founder of the ‘free radical bulletin board‘, a social media hub for activists committed to social, economic and environmental justice and promoting power to the people. It is a one-stop-shop for members to post their radical events, news and views from around the world and from within their own community. It is a hub to connect and network with kindred brothers and sisters in the cause. For me, this is the work that really matters. In solidarity, we will win this thing, come hell or high water.


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