I have been taking the Game Changer Intensive, one of the Pachamama Alliance’s global workshops designed to prepare people for to effectively lead or act in the world for the last 7 weeks.  Next week is the final week.  It has been an inspiring and hopeful journey of discovery

In this on-line empowering course, I have been introduced to Paul Hawkens  very hopeful message and his Project Drawdown which clearly illustrates  how we collectively can reverse global warming.


Paul Hawkens’ message:  We, the people and communities created this global warming situation and we’re the only ones that can change it….We need to shift our world view from Climate Change is happening to us (making us the victims) to Climate Change is happening for us (seeing it as beautiful feedback).   Feedback tells us what to do – Solutions are within our reach and we each have the potential to  be innovative and creative and use our gifts to solve the Climate Change Crisis.

Project Drawdown:    A qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world were gathered  to identify, research, and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change.

Below are the top 10 solutions in order of greatest impact:

  1. Hi-tech Refrigeration
  2. Onshore Wind Power
  3. Reducing Food Waste
  4. Plant-rich diets
  5. Tropical Forest Protection
  6. Educating girls
  7. Family Planning
  8. Utility-scale Solar
  9. Silvopasture
  10. Rooftop Solar

Info:  http://www.drawdown.org/the-book

Drawdown is not just a project – it is an adventure. It is a promising story that has the potential to engage every person on the planet with at least one solution to climate change, whether it is educating girls, improved rice cultivation, creating walkable cities, eating a plant-rich diet, household recycling, or any of the other solutions. ” 

Most surprising findings:

The #1 solution to reverse global warming is Empowering Girls and Women (A combination of #6. Educating Girls and #7.  Family Planning on the top 10 Solutions in order of greatest impact)  “A girl who is allowed to be in school and come to be a woman on her terms…makes very different reproductive choices,” Hawken said. “And when we modeled this we modeled family planning clinics everywhere. Not just in Africa, but in Arkansas. Women everywhere should be supported in their reproductive health and well-being for their families.”


 Details of Feature Images:

 Live Sketch Mind Map by Julie Gieseke


Linda Chan serves on the Spiritual Directions Committee at the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living and is a member of the Victoria Insight Meditation Sangha’s Climate Change Group.

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