This Canadian public charity has a two part mandate based on the life and works of Robert Bateman.

1. Challenge the public and society’s leaders to a new dialogue about our relationship with nature through strategic partnerships, research, collaboration and public education.

2. Assume custodianship of the intellectual property, collections and archives of Robert Bateman and other artists of nature, in perpetuity; and, to use every means possible to make the artworks and stories available to the public for education and inspiration.

Robert Bateman is already aligned with child-in-nature philosophies. He is associated in the public mind with pro-nature education by his work, writings and public speaking. He is widely regarded by the national and international conservation community as a “hero” because of his lifelong support and clearly articulated perspective. He is a natural and gregarious teacher and his artwork is vastly instructive. Finally, Robert Bateman is perceived by many to be one of the voices of reason and hope for healthy, rejuvenated and creative engagement with the natural world.

Robert’s realistic painting style, featuring wildlife in its habitat, encourages the viewer to closely observe the natural world. Besides being one of Canada’s best-known artists, he is a naturalist, recognized by the Audubon Society as one of the 20th century’s “heroes of conservation”. He is a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues, using his art to raise millions of dollars for these causes.

Robert’s honours and awards are numerous, including Officer of the Order of Canada. He has been awarded thirteen honorary doctorates and has three schools named after him. He has been the subject of many films and books that include The Art of Robert Bateman [1981], The World of Robert Bateman [1985], An Artist in Nature [1990], Natural Worlds [1996], Thinking Like a Mountain [2000], Birds [2002], New Works, [2010] and Life Sketches [2015] as well as several children’s books.

At 86, Robert maintains a demanding schedule between painting, public events and his relentless advocacy for nature.

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