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Victoria, British Columbia V9A 2X4
(250) 383-4065

Journeying Beyond‘s Death Midwifery services include

  • ‘end of life’/ACP consultations (comprehensive Advance Directives and Representation Agreements, as well as basic information on Power of Attorney/etc. documents)
  • support for the Death Journeyer and their families throughout the pan-death process, funeral plans, funeral and/or memorial celebrant services
  • education and guidance for a ‘home funeral’ (‘hands-on’, ‘family-led’ and ‘at home’  — physical deathcare, filling and filing of required paperwork, arrangements for funeral/memorial and final disposition)
  • and initial grief counselling.

‘Home funeral’ services including an educational workshop — “By My Own Heart and Hands” (see website for upcoming workshops) — reviewing all of the practical elements of post-death care, necessary paperwork, and final disposition arrangements.

The term “pan-death” refers to the whole process, pre/during/post death — including education/information on post-death care at home and required documentation, which are often referred to as a “home funeral”.   The acronym ‘DWENA’ implies any and all options for ‘Deathcare — Wholistic, Ecological, and/or Natural Alternatives’.   Please check out our new By My Own Heart and Hand home funerals workshop page at .

If you are interested in Journeying Beyond ‘s Death Midwifery & ACP/EOL planning services in Victoria, B.C., or wish more information about these and related services, please contact Pashta via email or call 250-383-4065 (available by phone, email or Skype).

Pre-death Bedside Singing is also available to those dying or dealing with later stages of dementia.   This service is part of the Beyonds services: more information is available at

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