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2179 Henlyn Dr, Sooke, BC V9Z 0N5
(250) 664-6492

My goal is to help people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by making good choices in the products and services that they use for health care and home care. My life’s journey as a nurse, and now as an alternative health care practitioner has given me insights that allows me to help others with their journey.

At home, my husband and I have been converting our ordinary bungalow into something healthier and more environmentally friendly by using solar power, grey water irrigation, rainwater catchment, and principles of permaculture in growing our gardens and our community.

One of my tools is essential oils of high quality to help replace the reliance on pharmaceuticals, toxic cleaning and body care products and garden pest control chemicals.

I offer free classes on using essential oils, and classes on the importance of a healthy micro-biome in our gut and on our skin, plus other topics

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