We all wear clothes. In fact, after food, clothing is the most consumed product. The majority of shops selling clothing are mostly interested only in style and colour. At H&C, we focus on those two important elements but ensure that they are accomplished with natural fabrics.

Why is that important? Non-natural fabrics are mainly sourced from oil extraction – think polyester. Natural fabrics are grown by farmers. Think cotton, bamboo, wool, linen, silk and hemp. It is similar to eating organic vegetables/fruits versus chemical enhanced ones.

Secondly, H&C also ensures that its stores are outfitted as sustainably as possible. In fact, Hemp & Company has trophies for Greenest Retailer for its store renovation. All aspects were considered in the renovation of the space. The floor is made of recycled wood, seven light fixtures are refurbished antiques, all light bulbs are low wattage eco ones, most shelving is re-purposed, and all items from cardboard and paper are composted and soft plastic bags are recycled. Customers take home their eco-friendly clothing in made-in-BC post consumer paper bags which are compostable themselves.

“Vision is a world where we are are all able to consider the impact of our purchases.”
Bill Finley, Hemp & Co.

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