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Our Prime Minister has recently invited applications for potential World Heritage Site designations, with December/January the deadline.

As Canada is about to celebrate our nation’s 150th birthday in 2017, so too is the world looking to recognize outstanding historical, cultural and natural heritage that our children’s children will inherit.

And so we are proceeding with all due haste to develop a World Heritage Site application for the Salish Sea, in partnership with all interests. The full process, if accepted, is expected to take 6-10 years.

Outreach will begin immediately. Our non-profit society has been registered to coordinate efforts and further partnership opportunities. Plans include website/social media networking, a one-day Forum, and invitations to all sectors to work together.

This region is going to find itself in the midst of many competing interests, with a growing population to accommodate. A World Heritage Site application offers a proactive approach, a chance to get in front of the challenges.

In short we believe that applying World Heritage standards would provide a significant and lasting foundation for growth and prosperity, while ensuring the quality of life and inheritance we wish to hand on to our children, and generations to come. The balanced approach to World Heritage Sites will affirm and respect First Nation interests, and support a healthy environment and marine protection, in the process of recognizing the Salish Sea’s historical, cultural and natural attributes.

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