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From day one, I knew that owning a business was a perfect opportunity to increase the ways that I can support my community. I firmly believe that owning a business comes with a responsibility to be in service to others.

The first year I started Singing Bowl Granola, I was able to donate a small percentage of my sales at the farmers’ markets to The Mustard Seed.

Business grew. The next year I was in business I teamed up with Level Ground Trading to create our ‘Giving Granola’ recipe which uses their delicious organic, fairly-traded tropical fruit. Every year, we send 50% of the profits from this recipe back to Colombia with Level Ground Trading CEO Hugo Cira to give to 2-3 women who work at Fruandes (LGT’s sister company that produces the fruit) to help them with their housing needs. You can read about these women on the Giving Granola page of our website.

Business continued to grow. Tent City arose on the grounds of the court house. There were a lot of hungry people living in cold conditions. I enlisted the help of a friend and headed over to Tent City once a week with a box full of our wee pots o’ porridge and an urn of hot water, and we were able to feed these vulnerable members of our community hot, nutritious, organic food. Tent City is gone, but we still make monthly deliveries of oatmeal cookies to the amazing Reverend Al Tysick who goes out every morning to feed the homeless members of our community.

Business is still growing, and with it, my community. Last year we started the SBG Porridge Project in collaboration with our friends at the Blue Heron Advisory Group (CIBC Wood Gundy). With their financial support, we are able to make monthly deliveries of our organic porridge to over a dozen school breakfast programs throughout Victoria School District 61. Last year we delivered close to 9,000 servings. We expect this number to increase this year as more schools learn about the SBG Porridge Project and as poverty increases around us.

Singing Bowl Granola is committed to feeding people healthy, delicious, hand-crafted artisan breakfast. We believe our products should benefit everyone, not just those with extra cash to spend. Every time you purchase our granola or porridge, you are supporting our efforts to support our community, for which we are extremely grateful.

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