South Islanders are so ready to defend our beautiful BC coast. Within days of broadcasting Dogwood’s “Defend Our Coast: Using a Citizens Initiative to Block Kinder Morgan event, we maxed out the venue’s capacity at 100. To accommodate all those who were unable to secure a spot we had to arrange to host a second event which will take place on April 11th at the Doing Centre 1307 Fairfield Rd (near Moss) from 7 – 9 pm. The event is free.

The energy at the event was electric. We had a diverse audience from: a climate scientist, students, a doctor, someone from Avaaz, a raging granny, a marine biologist, grandparents, and a politician to name but a few.

People are realizing that they can no longer sit on their hands. To be silent is to give consent. Come find out what the Citizens Initiative is and how it can be used to stop Kinder Morgan. Come find out how you can make a difference. Feeling helpless? Come feel empowered!

Here is the link if you wish to register:  It is filling up fast so I would highly recommend rsvping asap.

Jane Devonshire is a Riding Organizer with the Dogwood Initiative.

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