The Capital Regional District (CRD) has teamed up with many regional partners to celebrate the 2017 centennial of the Migratory Bird Convention Act. The CRD is home to 3 of BC’s 7 bird sanctuaries, in Shoal Harbour, Esquimalt Lagoon and Victoria Harbour. Throughout 2017 the Urban Sanctuaries Project, hosted by the Robert Bateman Centre, will hold events to raise awareness of the importance of these sanctuaries in providing food, shelter and habitat for resident and migratory birds and other wildlife in the midst of our urban centres. The CRD Harbours Program developed a series of brochures about the sanctuaries to provide information, maps and links to community groups working to protect and enhance the sanctuaries and the urban wildlife they support. The Urban Sanctuaries Project partners encourage everyone to get involved by learning more about their natural surroundings and becoming stewards of their local environment. All of us – birds, wildlife and people – depend on healthy ecosystems!

More information about the three urban bird sanctuaries located in the CRD please visit the Resources page.

Learn more:

Urban Sanctuary Project: info[at]
Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative: info[at]
Gorge Waterway Initiative: info [at]

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