Wachiay Studio

Category: Education – Tags: screenprinting, graphics, t-shirts, arts prints, posters, video, recording

andy [at] wachiay.com
1625 McPhee Ave
Courtenay, B.C. V9N 3A6
(250) 338-7793

Our studio operates within Wachiay Friendship Centre and we provide screenprinting, graphic design, and workshops and training opportunities for First Nations youth, artists, and entrepreneurs. Many of our clients go on to start small businesses in their communities, or enhance their existing businesses using our expertise. Although located on Vancouver Island, we have helped Nike and Facebook set up print labs, introduced waterbased printmaking for indigenous artists in the Yukon, and closer to home we support the development of both native and non-native businesses using screenprinting.
Our studio has been recognized as a Creative Hub by the BC Government, and we run an innovative program – WaMM – WachiayMultiMedia.com that teaches youth the basics of graphics, printing, video & audio recording and mixing.

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