When you take charge of your spirituality you take charge of your life.

I’ve looked for alternatives in traditional churches that would free up, within me, Timeless Aliveness, known as Soul or Source Energy.  When I was twenty-two, I witnessed Spiritual Energy exit from my husband’s navel as he died, and sucked back in with a powerful audible hissing sound, when he regained consciousness.  There is no doubt he was full of this intelligent energy.  And so am I.  That is why doctrine and dogma do not resonate with me.

I’ve wanted to express and explore freedom of Spirit for a long time. I have feelings of tenderness when I realize each person is filled with the same guidance within.

Why spiritual freedom?  This question offers people the power to look deeper and come up with their own answers.  There is great mastery and strength when you take charge of your life.  Others in your community witness your spiritual freedom and become inspired.

Please contact me or Linda Chan, we will video your personal experience or you can send in a blog, or your own video. Web site is called Spiritual Freedom.

Marvelous Trudeau wrote two books relating to Spirit, Spirit Knows and I Always Loved Jesus but the Church Stole Him From Me.

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