Conversations for a One Planet Region

Learn – Discuss – Imagine – Design – Create

Our vision is that the Greater Victoria Region achieves social and ecological sustainability, with a high quality of life and a long life in good health for all its citizens, while reducing its ecological footprint to be equivalent to one planet’s worth of biocapacity.

Our mission is to establish and maintain community-wide conversations on One Planet living and a One Planet Region.

Supported by UVic, the CRD, the Robert Bateman Centre, the BC Sustainable Energy Association, the Victoria Foundation and individual donors.

Conversations will be held monthly on Thursdays, 5 – 7 PM
Community Room, Central Branch Library, 735 Broughton St.

February 22nd – Special Event

7.30 – 9.30 PM, UVic, David Turpin Building, Room A110


100% Renewable Energy Communities: Lessons from Germany
Co-sponsored with UVic in the Anthropocene, BC Sustainable Energy Association


Dr. Manfred Fischedick: Vice President, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. He is an expert on ‘deep decarbonisation’ and advises the European Union, the German Federal government, many states and cities and the business sector.

Upcoming Conversations

March 15
The new economy of a One Planet Region (working title) – Emerging green/social enterprise
Speakers yet to be determined

April 12
Our Region’s Ecological Footprint: What it is, how to reduce it
Jennie Moore and Cora Hallsworth – They presented on this issue at our first Conversation in Jan 2017. Now they are back to report the results for Victoria and Saanich

May 17
Common Vision, Common Action: Policy for a One Planet Region
The organisers of the ‘Common Vision, Common Action’ Regional Policy Platform for social and ecological justice

June 14
The Faith community and the One Planet Region (working title)
Gertie Joksch, Programs in Earth Literacies; others TBD

About the Conversations

We are changing the Earth’s ecosystems in profound ways that will end up harming us. So we face the challenge of transforming our society to live within the constraints of the one small planet that is our home. We will need to reduce our ecological footprint by 75–80 percent to the equivalent of one planet’s worth of consumption and waste production, while maintaining a long life in good health for all our citizens. Building a more livable world that is better for all will mean changing everything we do!

In the face of this important challenge, a group of UVic faculty and community organisations have set up this series of engaging Community Conversations to explore some key issues and the challenge of how to get to a One Planet way of life. We believe this will be of interest to community associations, environmental and social justice groups, local governments, faith organizations, green businesses, urban planners and architects, the arts and culture community, health professionals and many others.

We hope you will join community and academic participants in exploring this challenge, and in working to address the challenges of creating a One Planet Region.

Our Plans

In addition, we are exploring a number of other options that we hope to develop as a program of work:

  • Holding some of these Conversations in the Western Communities or on the Saanich Peninsula in partnership with local groups and/or webcasting them to or from these sites.
  • A few half or one-day events to go into issues in more depth.
  • A co-design charette to engage community members and the design professions in imagining and starting to design a One Planet Region.
  • A One Planet film series.
  • A One Planet Region conference, perhaps in the Fall of 2018.
  • Preparing briefs, fact sheets and one-page guides on various ‘One Planet’ topics.
  • Making deputations to municipal councils in the region.
  • Beefing up our web and social media presence.

Planning and organising this takes people with time and energy, and of course we need to find some financial support. So if you would like to be involved in any of these plans, please contact me.
Trevor Hancock

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