Speaker Video Series

Hear from world-class speakers on a variety of topics with recorded presentations from Creatively United for the Planet events.
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Forests and Communities for the Future

Presenters: Ann Mortifee, Kathleen Code, & Ray Travers
Share in a deep conversation with interspersed music by Ann, stunning imagery by international award winning photographers, Frances Litman, and Ancient Forest Alliance coordinator, TJ Watt, and enjoy a multi-media presentation on sustainable forestry and living forest communities.

The Importance of Nature

Presenter: Robert Bateman
Besides being one of Canada’s foremost artists, Robert Bateman is also a naturalist recognized by the Audubon Society as one of the 20th century’s “heroes of conservation”. He is a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues, using his art to raise millions of dollars for these causes.

InVisible Influences | How Architecture Effects Us All

Presenter: Graeme Verhulst & Will King of Waymark Architecture
Our buildings and cities both reflect our culture, and shape it. Join us for an interactive discussion where we will look at the future of Victoria through the lens of architecture and urbanism. The best way to predict the future is to design it!

Working With Bears

Presenter: Charlie Russell
Charlie’s visionary and courageous work has overthrown countless widely held convictions concerning the nature of grizzly bears. He is the only person to ever successfully demonstrate that, when treated as intelligent beings, worthy and deserving of respect, grizzly bears will co-exist peacefully with humans.

Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

Presenter: Jacques Sirois
Jacques Sirois of the Friends of Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary & member of the CRD’s Gorge Waterway Initiative gives an informative talk on migratory birds and bird sanctuaries around Greater Victoria, British Columbia.

Colquitz River Stewardship

Presenter: Dorothy Chambers
Dorothy Chambers of the Salmon in The City project and Colquitz Watershed Advocate explains her role and history in protecting the Colquitz River ecosystem, located in our own backyards behind Tillicum Mall in Saanich.

Old Growth Forest on Vancouver Island

Presenters: TJ Watt & Ken Wu
Hear internationally renowned photographer, TJ Watt, and executive director of the Ancient Forest Alliance, Ken Wu, speak to the importance in preservation and natural beauty of the old-growth forests along the coasts of British Columbia.

Cross Canada Road Trip in an Electric Car with Camping Trailer

Presenters: Silke Sommerfeld & Rolf Oetter
Learn what motivated this local husband and wife team to go on this three month/15,000 km ‘sustainability journey’ from Victoria BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. Find out about the challenges they faced during those three months and hear about the amazing Canadians they met along the way.

Green Buildings: Internet Connected Controls

Presenter: Tom Zaban
Any building can benefit from internet connected building controls. Reliable Controls VP, Tom Zaban, explains how they provide simple, flexible, and sustainable controls which balance the comfort, efficiency, and greenhouse gas reductions of commercial buildings all around the world.

Health Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Presenter: Dr. Dionne Laslo Baker, Ph D
What’s in your food? Is it “from the Earth”, or full of man-made chemicals? Dr. Dionne Laslo Baker, Ph D, creator of DeeBee’s Organic Teapops describes her experiences in treating and examining maternal toxicology (the study of chemicals and how they affect children) and how it lead to creating healthy and delicious snacks and other products inspired by her two children.

Aligning Values & Business

Presenter: Stacey Towes
It is possible to grow and support a full diet of healthy and organic food locally, as well as benefit from ethical trading with other local farmers in other countries.

Hear from organic farmer and owner of Level Ground Trading, Stacey Towes, how combining his quest for sustainable living with a positive approach to commercial business has impacted his life and those of farmers abroad.

The Link Between Money & Sustainability

Presenter: Jacqui Dunne
Understand the gestalt of money. Re-think how money is created, implemented and utilized in communities to allow for new perspectives and sustainable ways of economic development.

Jacqui Dunne is an award-winning journalist and founder of Danu Resources, an emerging leader in helping entrepreneurs develop technologies and initiatives that restore the earth.

Solutions Sustainability Series

We know a lot of people are doing amazing things that more people should know about. For this reason, we created a series of half-hour programs that showcase local Vancouver Island and Gulf Island businesses, individuals, and organizations who are providing positive and sustainable solutions to ensure our region remains beautiful, healthy, happy and resilient.

The Future of Transportation

Solutions premiere show examines transportation throughout the capital region and Salt Spring Island with an eye to the future with fascinating interviews and creative approaches.

Artists As Change Makers

Hear how an internationally-renown filmmaker, photojournalist, singer/songwriter duo, and a fine art photographer are all creating change through their craft. Featuring striking imagery and insight into the power of art.

Food & Farming

Local food experts share a wealth of knowledge on everything from growing citrus fruit to food security, featuring Vancouver Island non-profits and leading edge small businesses dedicated to healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

Reliable Controls Green Buildings

In our pilot program, we feature one of the greenest and largest private high tech employers in the region, with offices world-wide. Reliable Controls specializes in the design and manufacture of internet-connected building controls that are effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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