Your website is an excellent way to invite everyone to contribute their creative talent and expertise in a positive way to strengthening our city, and to collaborating effectively to sustain the diversity and health of our environment and the life of citizens on this planet.

Victoria Adams

Mile Zero Matters Conversation Cafe

After being in business in this small town for just over nine years, I’ve come to know my customers and competition. I’m forever trying to meet new customers, generate interest, share knowledge, create sales, and reconnect with past clients. Business development is key to growth, so I have explored radio, television, print, social media, and of course I rely heavily on a solid reputation to drive the business.

After meeting Frances Litman and discovering the Creatively United for the Planet organization, I knew I had found the perfect fit for Motorize – Your EV Stores next chapter. Good people gravitate toward good causes, and the Earth Day Festival at the Royal BC Museum didn’t disappoint. Frances and her team worked tirelessly for months to ensure maximum publicity for this astounding event, and I was floored with the response. Together, we created a wonderful day for clients, driver, environmentally concerned citizens, and buyers.

My affiliation with Creatively United for the Planet has just begun, and my only regret is that I waited this long to make the connection.

Thanks a million.

Julian Sale

Owner, Motorize - Your EV Store

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for putting on such an amazing event and including us in the lineup.The talk went well and we all really enjoyed spending time with kindred spirits and checking out all of the great exhibits and presentations.

You are making such a big difference here in Victoria and it really is inspiring.

Kyla Tuttle

Waymark Architecture

This was an opportunity for dedicated folks to gather and talk about specific passions and learn the latest in what’s going on. Great connections to be made and already being made. Great to meet people with the same passions.

Please accept a huge thank you from the Ecoforestry Institute Society for an opportunity to present our new vision of Wildwood as we begin this new journey. We’ve made some new contacts and connections, and reconnected with many who have loved Wildwood through the years. It was a great event, and we are very pleased to have been part of it.

Kathleen Code

Executive Director, Ecoforestry Institute Society

Volunteer support was excellent, promotion drew good crowds, really appreciate the opportunity to shoot some video of the car and our ideas on sustainability.

Kevin Belanger

Tesla Tours

Thanks for taking on the task of another year of Creatively United for the Planet.
Congratulations for what you and your team pulled together.

Gene and Sarah Furbee

I had such a great time at the Creatively United for the Planet event and am glad to see so many people gathering together in support of the environment and sustainable practices. Your example of how to host a zero-waste event was exceptional and you have my admiration for your efforts that resulted in so enjoyable an occasion.

Thank you for the T-shirt, which will serve as a memento of the kind and friendly people I met and of our shared interest in protecting the land that we hold in trust for future generations. Your thoughtful gift is very much appreciated.

Best wishes for continued success in your most laudable endeavours.

The Honourable Judith Guichon

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

I would rank Frances as a peer among us as someone who is on a mission to create sustainable communities. In terms of her passion, performance and potential. She’s a real creative crusader!

Last year Reliable Controls attended the CUP Festival held at St. Ann’s Academy, at the end of April each year, and we found it to be an excellent vehicle to reach out to Victorians to improve our brand awareness.

Tom Zaban

Reliable Controls

And, without you and your team, your dedication, sleepless nights, attention to detail, etc none of this would have happened! A big thank you and congratulations to all of you.

Gabe Epstein

General Director at Gorge Tillicum Community Association

Thank you for all your work in bring the community together. Once again Creatively United has shown a strong dedication to creating a platform for the exchange of ideas, and a medium for sustainable growth and development both within ourselves and the environment/community we call home.

Don Gordon


Now that the festival is over, and all the planning and efforts are complete …. It becomes a time for reflection on the success of this event, despite the possibility for challenges with being at a new location.

The staff and I can whole-heartedly say that we didn’t quite know what we were in for by hosting this event. We had yet to experience the use of our property on such a large scale. And despite the obstacles of not knowing the number of people this would bring through, how the property would be treated, as well as the amount of volunteers, everything naturally fell in to place which quickly clarified the exceptional planning and management that went in to this festival.
From the minute of opening launch, to the final moments of clean up – you and your team worked seamlessly together, extended caring and helping hands to all of our guests, and blended perfectly with my staff and community of tenants.

The positive comments we can all extend to you and your team are limitless!
The opportunity to again host this festival or any other that you are involved with is an exciting concept for myself and my team. Many thanks to you for treating every aspect of our property with respect and for providing such a fun, safe and creative event for so many people to share.

Heather Greenless

Hotel General Manager, English Inn

Everyone loved the venue and the event. I was particularly impressed by all the wonderful volunteers directing us to the parking and carrying our stuff in.

Jane Devonshire

Dogwood Initiative

A hugely worthwhile event! A tribute to you and the work of your legion of volunteers. Thanks for caring about the planet so creatively!

Tim Roberts

BC Sustainable Energy Association

What a fabulous event! You and your team did an excellent job! There were tons of volunteers, great exhibitors, speakers, films, it was truly creative, beautiful, educational and fun! There were people mounting electric bicycles who hadn’t ridden in decades! Minds were opened to possibilities, to what is possible should we wish to embrace what is not available.

Ian Gartshore


Thank you for all you have given me: the work, the opportunity to share music, and the incredible support and encouragement. I have so much gratitude that it cannot be fit in a card!

Neil Johnson

What a great thing you are doing for our planet. I am glad I could contribute to the festival.

Elley Li


We wanted to extend another BIG, heart-felt thank you for the time you took to organize such a great event and your hospitality. Visiting lush Victoria and meeting everyone both involved and participating in this festival was a breath of fresh air.

Our intent is to explore coastal B.C. over the summer and what a way to kick-start it!

Wishing you all the best until we perhaps meet again 🙂

Krystal G.


The festival was EXTRAordianry beyond words. I attended the parade, the opening ceremonies, the Iconic concert, the Money changers session and the Clean Bin Project movie and I am at a loss of what to say.

Moneca Gabriel

You continue to amaze us. Congratulations for another wildly successful and beautiful event to support the environment.

Michael & Jenica


I want to thank you for all the wonderful work you do connecting and inspiring people to act to save our planet and our future. You are fantastic!

Claudette Poirier

Energy Specialist, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Island Health

I am impressed with the videos you made and shared them with my groups here in Ottawa.

Carolyn Herbert

I spent an hour-and-a-half going through the Creatively United Solutions Hub.
I’m just so impressed, in fact, I’m blown away by the quality, integrity and greatness of the knowledge and ideas found on your website.

Wayne Foster

Thanks for inviting BC Transit to be apart of the Future of Transportation story. Enjoyed the show it was very informative to hear what different organizations are doing.

James Wadsworth

BC Transit

I just wanted to say what a class act you and ‘Creative’ put together – you and your crew were absolutely fabulous in the way you organized and managed the Earth Day events – and made everyone welcome! And the extra attention to get us a table and make us at home will not be forgotten!

Thank you very much for the wonderful day, the chance to meet so many organizations and to get to talk with one and all during the day. And personally I had a lovely time in giving a presentation on the Salish Sea. The panelists were very interesting, and it was an honour to ‘share the podium’!

Laurie Gourlay

Salish Sea Trust

It was lovely to attend your wonderful festival. I would say that you hit a home run!
There was a fairly good crowd there too. I had a hard time getting around at noon because of the crowd.

I attended the talk on net zero homes and was rewarded with presenters that knew their subject well, got their points across in an interesting way and were willing to put up with our questions. I give that presentation a high value.

Being there was fabulous. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and tell you that I love what your commitment and hard work achieve – another community winner! Thanks so much for what you do.

Dan Kells

Sustainable Energy Enthusiast

Wonderful positive energy, great live music, great variety of exhibitors.

Jessica Stein

Festival Exhibitor

It was a very positive, forward thinking atmosphere with an amazing group of people. The displays were very well set up and organized, the information at hand was very interesting, and it was an absolute blast to be a part of.

Festival Exhibitor

Thank you for all the hard work you and your volunteers did to pull off such a great Sustainability Showcase. Our BCSEA volunteers were delighted with our prime spot as an exhibitor.

The World Café went very well – lots of good input followed by Guy Dauncy’s stimulating workshop! The e-bike demo was a big success too. Pedigo was VERY pleased to offer more than 60 demo rides around the track.

The quality and content was very good, with its focus on sustainability and well-attended workshops.

Terry Dance Bennink

BC Sustainable Energy Association

Thank you for making it happen and we are changing the world a bit at a time!

Mayor Barbara Desjardins

Township of Esquimalt

The David Suzuki Foundation is pleased to lend our support to the Creative Crusaders and their aim to educate, raise awareness and inspire ocean stewardship in children and youth.

The Great Plastic Round-up book offers an outstanding invitation for youth to reflect on ocean stewardship via its brightly colored illustrations and fantastic characters.

Jodi Stark

The David Suzuki Foundation

Thank you for coordinating and hosting another great Creatively United festival! We enjoyed events on both weekends, every presentation was interesting and informative.

Alexis White


Creatively United for the Planet is an important community festival – polished, professional, and full of soul. At a time when the world needs more creative hearts and minds coming together to support the planet, Creatively United delivers an inspiring platform for the sharing ideas and hope for the future.

Cindy Moyer

Executive Director, Coast Collective

Thanks for the beautiful weekend and the countless hours of hard work, positivity, and gusto you put into it!

We were really glad to participate, and look forward to future collaborations.

Immanuel McKenty

The Merry McKenty's

I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful festival it was in every sense of the word. You all can be so very proud. You’re all amazing! Everyone I spoke to was thrilled! I know I totally loved it and our workshop went really well!

Junie Swadron & Maggie Reidy

Congratulations Frances & Team on what clearly was an amazing event.

George Colussi

Volunteer Victoria

Thank you for all your work in bring the community together. Once again Creatively United has shown a strong dedication to creating a platform for the exchange of ideas, and a medium for sustainable growth and development both within ourselves and the environment/community we call home.

Kelvin Zion


The Creatively United for the Planet Earth Week Festival is a great opportunity to meet people, learn new ideas, and become an inspired part of the solution!
I wanted to work towards earning a living growing food in urban environments. It was at the Creatively United festival that I met lots of like-minded people that already had established edible landscaping companies. I’m still in touch with these people and have now started my own company; Garden2Table Landscaping Inc. in Maple Ridge, BC thanks to what I learned and the people I met at this event.

Eric Mousseau

Owner, Garden2Table Landscaping Inc.

It has been our joy and pleasure to have attended the Festivals, absolutely brilliant organization, blessed by the perfect weather!!

Hugh Chaun

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Juma would like to sincerely thank the whole team at Creatively United for the Planet for supporting us and being the hosts of our very first experience vending. We all had a fantastic time, met wonderful people who were passionate about food and where it comes from and ultimately had one of the most smooth and successful days of the season! Kudos to Frances and the whole team – we are very much looking forward to being a part of the event next year!

Aiden Pine

Juma Victoria

I thought that I should let you know how important to me this event is, and to get to perform infront of all those people would be a big step towards my dreams as an artist.

Jake Guy


Loved being part of the event, and working with these amazing people, thanks, Donna

Donna Morton


Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity for DeerSafe Victoria to take part in the Creatively United for the Planet festival. What a vibrant, upbeat event!

Kelly Carson

Deersafe Victoria

I want to thank you sooooooo much for organizing and achieving such a successful and amazing event once again. You are such a passionate, energetic, and courageous women, mom, volunteer, event organizer… the list goes on forever. It was such an amazing opportunity to volunteer for this event.

Leat Ahrony

Bachelor of Commerce

On behalf of Mother Earth, THANK YOU!!!

Alan Rycroft

Community Relations at Victoria Cool Aid Society

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