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Alberta Proclaims Its Right To Pollute

Not all resources must be mined, used and exported; the sorry story of asbestos proves that point, although it took a long time to overcome stubborn government support for this industry. The last asbestos mine in Canada closed in 2011, and Canada finally agreed to ban the use of asbestos as of this year — 30 years after the World Health Organization declared asbestos a carcinogen in 1987.

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A Reflection on Being

I was moved to deep silence when I heard April Hambley share this piece at the Church of Truth - Community of Conscious Living's regular 11 am Sunday gathering, at 111 Superior St. I love co-creative, collaborative projects...

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Society’s Happiness Is A Serious Business

Clearly, happiness is serious business. But what does it have to do with health? Well, not surprisingly, quite a lot. In fact, the two are in many ways almost the same thing, and each helps to predict the other. Happier people live longer lives in good health, while good health is a key factor contributing to happiness; what makes us happy makes us healthy, and vice versa.

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Connecting To Our Past And To Nature

Thirty years ago, in the background paper for the World Health Organization’s new Healthy Cities program in Europe, Len Duhl and I identified 11 evidence-informed characteristics of a healthy city. One of them was “connection to biological and cultural heritage,” and was particularly influenced by an interesting review of the literature on environments, people and health by Ros Lindheim, an architect, and Len Syme, a noted social epidemiologist.

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