Creatively United


We know a lot of people are doing amazing things that more people should know about. For this reason, we created a series of half-hour programs that showcase local Vancouver Island and Gulf Island businesses, individuals, and organizations who are providing positive and sustainable solutions to ensure our region remains beautiful, healthy, happy and resilient.

Episode One:

The Future of Transportation

Solutions premiere show examines transportation throughout the capital region and Salt Spring Island with an eye to the future with fascinating interviews and creative approaches.

Episode Two:

Artists As Change Makers

Hear how an internationally-renown filmmaker, photojournalist, singer/songwriter duo, and a fine art photographer are all creating change through their craft. Featuring striking imagery and insight into the power of art.

Episode Three:

Food & Farming

Local food experts share a wealth of knowledge on everything from growing citrus fruit to food security, featuring Vancouver Island non-profits and leading edge small businesses dedicated to healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

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