Saturday, April 22, 10 am – 5 pm

The Royal BC Museum, 675 Belleville St, Victoria
Admission to the festival is free (outdoors and Clifford Carl Hall)
Ticketed Event Information

6th Annual Creatively United Earth Day
Festival & Sustainability Showcase

Inspired innovation, people making a difference, creativity, live music, displays, connections, informative panels, food and fun describes what people can expect at the 6th Annual Creatively United Sustainability Showcase to be held on Earth Day, April 22, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the Royal BC Museum, 675 Belleville St., in Victoria, BC.

History will also be made with Vancouver Island’s largest electric vehicle show spanning the entrance to the museum with electric motorcycles, bikes and cars.

University of Victoria Engineering students will showcase amazing new technologies, community groups will share resources and information on topics ranging from A-Z, and workshops include: Net Zero Buildings – Cost Savings and Benefits; Forests and Communities for the Future; The Life of a T-Shirt, a creative, hands-on upcyling and educational workshop; and Understanding Our Salish Sea and All It Can Be.

Try an electric bike, a community acupuncture session, make an artsy postcard with a message, play the game Megawatts & Marbles and listen to live music ranging from unique world beat to classic favorites within Clifford Carl Hall on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum.

Some of the presenters include: Order of Canada singer, composer, author, storyteller and keynote speaker Ann Mortifee; Emmy-nominated screenwriter, award-winning novelist and storyteller Pauline Le Bel; textile artist and creative up-cyclist Jaime Murdoch; international award-winning energy reduction leader Tom Zaban and many others.

Our Exhibitors

ACCESS Speech-Language Services
Ancient Forest Alliance
Canadian Orca Rescue Society
Cascadia Collective
Cities For Everyone
Coast Collective
Compost Education Centre
CRD Harbours Program
Dogwood Initiative
Environmental Rights Action Station
Greater Victoria Acting Together
Greater Victoria Green Team

Hearts & Hands Community Acupuncture
Jaime Murdoch – Creative Upcycling Artist
Josslyn Meyers – Artist
Marie Savage – Artist
Mary Lake Nature Park Project – Nature as Sanctuary
Megawatts & Marbles
Mia Lauzon – Artist
Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society
Power To The People
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Reliable Controls
The Robert Bateman Centre
Rocky Point Bird Observatory

Sidney Mineral World/Scratch Patch
Tesla Tours
Transcendental Meditation Victoria
Travel Tesla with Trailer
UVIC Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Victoria EV Club
Victoria School for Ideal Education
Viridian Energy Co-operative
Waymark Architecture
Wayne Foster EV
West Coast Environmental Law
Wilderness Committee
World Tree

Music, Art & More

Enjoy a variety of art, including fabric assemblages, encaustic, upcycled and repurposed creations, original paintings, plus live music with a variety of styles spanning the globe. There’s something for everyone in this showcase of local talent.

Learn more about our artists and musicians.

An Electric Vehicle & Bike Extravaganza!

Come and make history by attending Vancouver Island’s largest Electric Vehicle Show during this year’s event at the Royal BC Museum. Check out more than 26 electric cars and motorcycles, and even an electric bus!

Emotive will provide a BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Toyota Rav4, and Volkswagen eGolf to test drive!

Get up close and personal with Nissan LEAFs, as well as a Smart Fortwo EV, Fiat 500e, Audi A3 Etron, Chevy Bolt, BMW i3, Teslas and a Zero S electric motorbike.

Enjoy test rides and experience why once you’ve driven an EV you will never want to go back to a gas powered vehicle!

Electric cars and streetcars were in use as far back as the early 1900’s. Let’s make gas powered vehicles go the way of the horse and buggy!

Brought to you by

Smart Fortwo EV

Tesla interior

Zero S Electric Motorbike

Tesla X Canada

Meet Rolf and Silke who crossed Canada in 2016 with a 100% electric car towing a solar-powered camping trailer. From 11 am – noon in the Lecture Room learn what motivated this local husband and wife team to go on this three month/15,000 km ‘sustainability journey’ from Victoria BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. Find out about the challenges they faced during those three months and hear about the amazing Canadians they met along the way.
Get your tickets to this presentation here.

View their car and trailer at the Electric Love-In and chat with Rolf and Silke who will be in attendance all day.

Megawatts and Marbles
Megawatts and Marbles

Megawatts & Marbles

Free to play in the Clifford Carl Hall adjoining room

2:30 – 4 pm

This fun, interactive game uses marbles as electricity units to demonstrate how different types of power generation behave.

The challenges of balancing generation and demand are experienced hands-on in the context of a transition to an electricity system with more renewable power. Did you know that the electricity you are using right now was generated just a moment ago in a power plant hundreds of kilometers away?

To make this happen, our electrical power system is carefully monitored and controlled so that our demands are matched every second by the same amount of generation.

Designed for a team of 4-10 players, participants take on the roles of power plants who must work together to “generate” the right amount of electrical power. Megawatts & Marbles is a tool to facilitate communication and collaboration between the participants. Only as a well functioning team can succeed.

In a post-game debrief the experiences gathered during the game are used as a means to foster an unbiased and educated discussion about possibilities for our future electricity system.

Can your team meet the demand, or will the lights go out?
There is no charge or experience required to play this 90-minute game. Game time: 2:30-4 pm

Speakers Corner

Drop in and hear short talks by our many exhibitors in the Exhibition Room off Clifford Carl Hall.
All talks are free to attend!

Laughter Yoga – 11 am
Miho Lindley
This fun introduction to Laughter Yoga will be sure to brighten your day.

Compost is the Heartbeat of Your Soil – 11:30 am
Compost Education Centre
Learn composting basics and get singing with our worm rap song!

Community Organizing for the Common Good – 1 pm
Gord Stuart & Flossie Baker (Greater Victoria Acting Together)
Our focus is relational learning and capacity building. Relationships are strengthened as we learn about our members’ dreams, aspirations and the barriers they see standing in their way.

Engaging at our Highest Potential – 1:30 pm
Marlene Lewis (End Dyslexia)
Imagine a world where reading difficulties and dyslexia are a thing of the past and people can engage at their highest potential with less effort. Speech language pathologist Marlene Lewis will share how this is now possible in this informative introduction to current findings.

Rights-Based Community Development & Reconciliation – 4 pm
Susan Smitten (Executive Director of RAVEN)
A community model for our time.

Laughter Yoga
Community Organizing for the Common Good
Compost is the Heartbeat of Your Soil
Engaging at our Highest Potential

Environmental Rights Action Station

Our names are Franny and Rupert. We are nine and 13 years old. We are environmental rights advocates who work with the Blue Dot movement. We believe that every Canadian has the right to clean water, healthy good, clean air and access to nature. And we believe that everyone has the right to be a part of the decision-making that affects the environment, and our health and well-being.

For the past two years, we have been speaking to municipal, provincial and federal political leaders. We have been writing letters, having meetings, doing presentations, making speeches and spreading the word about environmental rights. And we have been trying to inspire other kids and youth to get civically engaged. A couple of years ago we thought, as kids, we did not have the power to make change in our community and world. In the fall of 2014, we learned that more than 110 countries have formally recognized their citizen’s right to live in a healthy environment… but not Canada. We are proud Canadians and we felt we had to do everything we could to help Canada become even stronger environmentally. Since we started taking action, we have become empowered and now know that even though we are not old enough to vote our voice, values and opinions matter.

We feel so lucky to grow up in Victoria. We know some Canadian kids aren’t as lucky because they are exposed to unsafe environmental conditions. Currently we, with other environmental rights advocates and Blue Dot volunteers, are asking federal leaders to make a Federal Bill of Environmental Rights so every Canadian child and their family can live in a safe and healthy environment.

There is still a lot of work to do but we are motivated to do whatever we can to try to make positive change and to have our environmental rights formally recognized in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Come visit our letter writing action station at Creatively United and bring your family!

Festival Musicians

Live music ranging from unique world beat to classic favorites within Clifford Carl Hall on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum

Doug Galbraith

10 am – 11:15 pm

Doug Galbraith is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and sometimes vocalist who plays kora, electric guitar and keyboards. His repertoire spans many genres of music from Brazilian Jazz to Sub-Saharan African.

Doug has performed at a multitude of festivals throughout western Canada and Europe including the Vancouver Folk Festival, Dawson City Music Festival, Calgary Folkfest and Victoria Jazz Fest. He was nominated for a Juno award as leader of his former group, Djolé, and has a number of recordings in his discography.

Kelvin Clouden

12:45-2:15 pm

Although it has no boundaries, nor can it be tagged with the defining structures of a single genre, Kelvin’s music will resonate deep within your soul. His improvisation and melodic swing speaks across generations and ethnicities. With influence from classical and Flamenco guitar, coupled with the flavours of Caribbean rhythms, Kelvin has embarked on a musical journey that has attracted many listeners on the streets of Victoria, BC. Using a blend of acoustics and electric, Kelvin utilizes a combination of delay and reverb effects to create unique sounds.

Robert K

3:45-5 pm

When fans are asked who Robert K sounds like, the consensus has been: “a combination of the deep soulful voice of Barry White, combined with the richness of Roger Whittaker and the smooth sound of Nat King Cole.” Add to his smooth vocals some tasty tenor sax solos, versatile guitar playing and his engaging and friendly personality, Robert K’s music provides variety, that always leaves his audiences feeling good!

Little Crow

11:15-12:45 pm

Rhonda Lou Broadfoot and Michael Nicholls are the duo “Little Crow.” They play a variety of styles including folk-rock, pop, country and blues. Presenting soulful originals and upbeat cover songs, their strong harmonies blend beautifully to create a sound that is truly up-lifting. Combining Rhonda’s percussive-rhythm guitar and ‘rootsy’ harmonica with Michael’s tasty mandolin and ukulele licks — their feel-good music is sure to move you.

Auto Jansz

2:15-3:45 pm

Having toured internationally and across Canada many times, Auto Jansz has come into a sound that has all the classic virtues of roots music while sounding fresh and contemporary. Her feel good vibe catches the listener from the first few notes.

Festival Artists


Art Exhibit by Jaime Murdoch

As a child, SaltSpring Island artist Jaime Murdoch learned to make and create with the everyday materials that were nearby. To this day she turns discarded t-shirts, personal love letters, rope that has washed ashore, dryer lint and other detritus into textile art that is both functional and fashionable, and often with a message.

One would never know that her beautiful “Washed Ashore” wall hanging was made from beach rope and nylon twine which she pulled apart, deconstructed and wound onto spools before weaving it together into its new form with renewed purpose.

“Taking what was once discarded and transforming it with artistry and technique communicates a message of slowing down and preservation in a world quickened with a frenzy of consumption and discard,” says Murdoch

“I am not a seamstress, a weaver, an embroiderer, a felt artist or a quilter. I am a maker and I like to get creative wherever I am with whatever is in front of me. I encourage others to do the same. This method of creativity is raw, can be functional, inspirational, innovative, and best of all, it is accessible.”

Jaime’s artwork will be on display during Creatively United’s Earth Day celebration from 10 am to 5 pm at the Royal BC Museum.

The Robert Bateman Centre, in collaboration with Creatively United, will host Jaime Murdoch’s exhibit from April 25th to 30th.

Art by Jaime Murdoch

Jill Banting

Speakers Corner Artist

Jill Banting combines visual art making with creative inquiry and community dialogue. Her practice of deep listening and community engagement started with the Campbell River Arts Council in 2010, where she discovered the practice of graphic recording. Since then, she has worked with over twenty-five organizations around the province.

In 2015, she earned a Masters of Applied Arts Degree from Emily Carr University, where her research focused on collaboration, dialogue and participation in community contexts.

Jill will be performing a series of graphic recordings during the festival and inviting the public to engage in a larger conversation about their visions for the planet.

Jill Banting art
Jill Banting art

Josslyn Meyers

Josslyn Meyeres achieved her B.F.A. and B.ED degrees from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. She moved to Vancouver Island in 2010, and enjoys showing her work at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery. Josslyn loves the flowing qualities of watercolor and strives to achieve this quality in her acrylic paintings and prints. She is continually evolving a way through the use of organic shapes, complex patterns and textures to communicate about the importance of seeking a healthy balance and the need to connect with nature.
In 2015, she earned a Masters of Applied Arts Degree from Emily Carr University, where her research focused on collaboration, dialogue and participation in community contexts.

Mia Lauzon

In 2010, a volunteering project brought Mia to a trash-filled beach on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. This is where this project came to life.

Don’t get fooled by its colorful and whimsical look: under a pretty surface, lies an ugly truth. The truth of our failure at seeing the bigger picture behind the appeal of our consumerism lifestyle.

Like this project, life is made up of multiple pieces, connecting and creating a whole. As one part of the sum, humans have to understand how their actions and choices impact the rest of it.

Good news is, it doesn’t have to be a trash story! Let yourself feel the uplifting energy of being part of the solution and never forget that YOU have the power to create a meaningful story!

Mia Lauzon art

Encaustic Demo

Marie Savage

Marie Savage is a writer and artist whose work tells stories about our human mark on the world. She works primarily with pigmented encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin). Marie is also a Climate Reality Leadership Corps member. She was trained in Toronto in 2015 by Al Gore and his team. Prior to this, she won two sustainability fellowships, wrote newspaper and magazine articles about green buildings and a better way to build and, separately, wrote three nationally published books on other topics. Locally, she was a finalist in the CRD Eco-Star Awards for her work leading LEED study groups and is currently a member of the Environment and Climate Change Committee for the Sidney Community Association.

The translucent nature of wax as well as wax’s ability to be shaped, textured, incised and controlled informs her work. With embedded papers and other items, she creates layer after layer of expression. Rusted paper often features in her work. She believes it is both beautiful and telling and represents the industrial efforts of humanity in either positive or negative ways depending on the story she reveals to the viewer.

Marie will give a free Climate Reality presentation from 10:15-10:45 am in the Lecture Room, as well as encaustic demonstrations and facilitate hands-on art-making throughout the day in the Exhibitors area. Draw or colour a postcard to get your message of hope for action on Climate Change to the government representative of your choice and view examples of her work.

Our Venue

Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum

675 Belleville St, Victoria, BCGet Directions

The Royal BC Museum’s collections, research and presentations enable them to tell the stories of British Columbia in ways that enlighten, stimulate and inspire. By exploring local social and environmental history, the Royal BC Museum advances new knowledge and understanding of British Columbia, and provides a dynamic forum for discussion and a place for reflection.