HeroWork is fastly becoming a household name in Victoria with the many Radical Renovation projects founder Paul Latour has completed with his community-styled events that are akin to a modern day barn raising “where dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers come together with exceptional cooperation and common vision.”

I met Paul Latour almost six years ago, when we were both formulating our plans for how to help and unite our community. It’s so rewarding to see how bright his star has risen and how many people his vision has served. He’s truly one of the most organized people I have ever met!

I have volunteered as both a HeroWork photographer and general labourer most recently on the newly finished Rainbow Kitchen project on Lyall Street in Esquimalt.
Living in the neighbourhood and having served at a free community Thanksgiving dinner in the hall, I had first hand knowledge how much this renovation was needed.
The before and after was truly transformational for the building, the people and the community.

This video I shot during the great unveil, captures the joy of the Rainbow Kitchen/United Church core team as they saw the completed renovation for their first time.

Thanks to Paul Latour for his leadership and vision in making our community a better place and for all the volunteers, trades and suppliers who step up and step in to a position of leadership in action.

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