Religions gave me some relief; sharing common interests. Memorize and educate myself in their history, prayers and rituals, so I could fit in and be part of the community. I stayed with religions because I was more of a follower, a disciplined child, sometimes I enjoyed their teachings, though I wasn’t developing a personal relationship with  my natural self. Their doctrine didn’t answer the most important questions I asked. Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my purpose?

Among Native people there is a widespread belief in a Great Spirit who created the earth and pervaded everything. That is consciousness, they and nature are consciousness. They saw kindred spirits in all plants and animals. They live and breathe the importance of nature. This essence is ingrained in their songs, languages and dances. The original people were killed for having this savage way of thinking! It appears that some religions are now adopting the Indigenous or natural way!

The twelve step program, I cannot name their publication. Some folks will know which book I’m talking about. The people within walked through hell and are still alive. This book taught me there is an All Powerful Guiding Creative Intelligence within me. A God of my understanding. My eyes banged open in the middle of the night, A God of my understanding!!  Oh my! Can you imagine, an all powerful, Creative Intelligence, a Higher Power, never fickle, critical or abusive? And I can use my own imagination to the fullest to create my own loving One.

My Soul was yearning for freedom to express this in community, Spirit was leading me to a place where I could do that. I went for a walk from where I live in James Bay. I walked by a church building, The Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street in Victoria, B.C. (in case someone wants to visit!) I began to attend their services. Their brochure entitled Who We Are states on the first page, we are a spiritual community supporting each other in exploring our personal journeys regardless of spiritual path or belief. Could there be another place like the twelve step program and Indigenous spirituality? Was this a place where I could choose a God of my understanding? My body answered, “Yes.” No one here would interpret the Divine for me. This was a place where I could envision a God of my understanding. Yippee!

The Church of Truth is where I don’t have to live in the image of other people’s God. I have no doubt this is the place for me. No paid minister. There is nobody in charge. There is one consciousness. We are all in charge. All I have to do is live my gift. I can do that here, in fact we encourage each other, to do just that! And some of us have.

The Church of Truth Community of Conscious Living.

Marvelous Trudeau is a Metis elder. She served as an alcohol and drug counselor in Williams Lake at the Cariboo Friendship Society. Marvelous is now retired.

She wrote Spirit Knows and I Always Loved Jesus but the Church Stole Him From Me to share her spiritual moments.

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