“The Killer Whale Who Changed The World” was written by Mark Leiren-Young.

“The Killer Whale Who Changed The World” is a true and fascinating west coast story of the first killer whale captured alive in a world where they were the most feared “monster” in the oceans, and routinely shot out of fear and for sport. After 20 years of pursuing the players in the story, local Victoria author ,Mark Leiren-Young’s persistence paid off and he was able to piece together the very moving story of the initial contact and capture of the whale soon to be known as Moby Doll ; a name the exact opposite of the whale’s reputation as a fierce killer. This book narrates how that transition,from killer to doll, happened seemingly overnight.

Moby Doll was meant to be killed, not caught. This was commissioned by the Vancouver aquarium in order to create a life sized ,anatomically correct model to be the centerpiece of the aquarium expansion plans.The book describes how the Vancouver Aquarium was started amid the politics of the day,and some might remember the head of the aquarium,Murray Newman, and his colleague ,future cabinet minister Dr. Pat McGeer ; both heavily involved in the future of Moby Doll.

The dilemma of how to keep and contain a live killer whale, an injured one at that, became the top news story of Vancouver and indeed the world. The author skillfully chronicles Moby’s treatment in captivity, the politics involved and how we learned to recognize Orcas as the sentient beings that are now beloved the world over.

Somewhere in this book, your heartstrings will be pulled. Mark Leiren-Young’s passion for our Vancouver Island Orcas is clear as he examines the plight of these endangered whales and looks for solutions. This book is a “must read” for every “west Coaster” and anyone in awe of these majestic beings in the waters around our Island. Expect a feature film soon.

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