Canada’s Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, talks to Mark Leiren-Young about the southern resident orcas (and the threat their facing from Kinder Morgan), the right whales (and the threat their facing from Bilcon) and the work we all need to do to look after our oceans.

“All whales matter. All cetaceans matter. All life matters.”

“The number one thing we need to do to protect the southern resident killer whale population is to make sure we don’t see new pipelines that increase the tanker traffic.”

“We can’t forget the oceans. The oceans are out of sight and out of mind to those of us land animals. And the multiple threats to our oceans are growing.”

Described by the National Post as “Canada’s go to guy for dolphins, whales and trees,” Mark’s latest book The Killer Whale Who Changed the World – the story of Moby Doll — was a national bestseller and received the 2017 Science Writers and Communicators (SWCC) Book Award. His short documentary, The Hundred-Year-Old Whale (the story of Granny/J2) is currently playing film fests throughout North America. Mark was dubbed “Canada’s greenest writer” after the release of his award-winning feature film, The Green Chain — a look at our relationship with our forests. Other green projects include his TV comedy special, Greenpieces: The World’s First Eco-Comedy, his comedy album Greenpieces and his solo stage show, Greener Than Thou. Mark launched Skaana with his partner, Rayne Benu, to help save the Southern Resident orcas and #stopkm.

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