Thanks to an amazing team of people, our first Creatively United produced television program, SOLUTIONS, launched today at 12:30 pm on Shaw TV (channel 4) and will be shown more than a dozen times this week at the following times:

Monday – 12:30 pm
Tuesday – 12 am, 9:30 pm
Wednesday – 4 pm
Thursday – 3:30 am, 3:30 pm
Friday – 5 am, 9 am
Saturday – 10 am, 5:30 pm, 11 pm
Sunday – 11:30 am, 11:30 pm

Our first show takes a creative approach to the future of Transportation and includes interviews with numerous people throughout the region and Salt Spring Island. Subsequent shows, to air in the next few weeks of November, will cover Food & Farming and Artists as Change Makers with more to come in the New Year.

Be sure to sign up for updates so we can send you links to our other shows and please follow us on Facebook.

For the past year we piloted a new direction for Creatively United with This Is, and have now consolidated everything under the Creatively United Solutions Hub banner after receiving valuable community feedback.

Collectively, we can continue to catalyze a more socially and environmentally thoughtful approach to life in our community, where everyone wins.

Our goal is to keep the conversations going and growing so that caring for our environment and each other becomes second nature, from public policy to procurement practices and everything in between.

Seen a great movie, read a fabulous book, article or have some ideas and resources you’d like to share with people in our region? The Creatively United Solutions Hub is a positive, proactive approach to sharing information and resources of benefit to our community. And it’s free!!!

Here’s what some people are saying about episode one:

Very impressive, very classy. Great job, well done!
– Dr. Trevor Hancock

EXCELLENT program! Great variety, moves along, good interviews. Well Done!
– Sherrill Miller

What a great show! Congratulations!
– Guy Dauncey

What a fantastic show. It was so clear and concise. It totally inspired me to go out and buy an electric car.
– Marlene Lewis

We just watched your first new show on transportation and feel very inspired and informed. Thank you for continuing to get this type of information out to the public.
– Jenica and Michael Coon-Waymen

Solutions is such a great project! Ever impressed.
– Sarah Potts

Great job! Lots of cool stuff happening that people need to know about.
– Marcelle Roy

Thanks for inviting BC Transit to be apart of the Future of Transportation story. Enjoyed the show it was very informative to hear what different organizations are doing.
– James Wadsworth, BC Transit

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