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 What is Creatively United?

Environmental protection through
community connection & arts-based education

Creatively United for the Planet is a registered not-for-profit society dedicated to empowering communities and individuals to take better care of the Earth.

We showcase and celebrate the important work that people are doing to make a difference to ensure where we live, work, eat, play and study remains beautiful, vibrant, healthy and resilient.

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Festival Highlights

Festival Highlights

Thank You to everyone for your support of the 4th Annual Creatively United for the Planet Earth Week Festival! We did it again!!! We finished with less than two bags of garbage after two days and more than 2000 people! […]

Connect  •   Collaborate  •  Create  •  Celebrate Community

Creatively United for the Planet is committed to creating ways for the public to connect, collaborate, create and celebrate community together. We take an ABC approach to do so:


All ages, art-based environmental education programs in schools, rec centres and libraries with our Creative Crusaders action team. We have also created a variety of shareable art with educational facts on environmental topics.



Business development and support of the green sector.
Since 2012, we have been creating opportunities for individuals, businesses, government and non-profits to connect and collaborate through our annual festival and Vancouver Island Green Scene



Celebrating where we live, eat, work, play and study, our annual free, all-ages arts & sustainability festival brings together and showcases school programs, green business leaders, not-for-profits, artist, musicians, speakers and entertainers of all descriptions.



It has been our joy and pleasure to have attended the Festivals, absolutely brilliant organization, blessed by the perfect weather!!
Thank you for making it happen and we are changing the world a bit at a time!
The Creatively United for the Planet Earth Week Festival is a great opportunity to meet people, learn new ideas, and become an inspired part of the solution! I wanted to work towards earning a living growing food in urban environments. It was at the Creatively United festival that I met lots of like-minded people that already had established edible landscaping companies. I'm still in touch with these people and have now started my own company; Garden2Table Landscaping Inc. in Maple Ridge, BC thanks to what I learned and the people I met at this event.