Thank YOU for Making Our 3rd Annual Festival a Wonderful Collaboration!

The Third Annual Creatively United for the Planet Festival (April 25+26, 2014) was a huge success and we have everyone who came out in support to thank for it!!! Not to mention the weather!

We can all take credit for putting the unity back into community. This festival is truly a collaborative endeavour that demonstrates what is possible when we connect, create and celebrate our interconnectedness to all living things and each other to ensure where we live, eat, work, play and study remains vibrant, healthy, beautiful and resilient.

The feedback has been nothing short of outstanding! We even had a couple fly in from Calgary just for the festival and the media coverage was incredibly generous with CTV, CHEK, Shaw go! Island, the Times-Colonist, Monday Magazine, the Victoria News, CFAX and the CBC all providing complimentary coverage!!!

This festival wouldn’t have happened without our amazing volunteers and that includes the many presenters, musicians and entertainers who lent their time, talent and support.

Creatively United for the Planet is truly powered by the spirit of generosity and we thank you for yours!!!

With sincere gratitude,

Frances Litman
on behalf of the entire Creatively United for the Planet team 

Connect   •   Collaborate   •   Create   •   Celebrate Community

Creatively United for the Planet is a registered not-for-profit society dedicated to empowering communities and individuals to take better care of the Earth.

We showcase and celebrate the important work that people are doing to make a difference to ensure where we live, work, eat, play and study remains beautiful, vibrant, healthy and resilient.

Creatively United for the Planet is committed to creating ways for the public to connect, collaborate, create and celebrate community together. We take an ABC approach to do so:


All ages, art-based multi-disciplinary programs with pilot projects launching in schools to create a sense of place, community and a nature connection for children, teens and adults. Plus, custom-created shareable art with educational facts on related topics.



Business development and support of the green sector through networking meetings featuring guest speakers on a variety of relevant topics, plus a year-round resource guide showcasing members.



Celebrating where we live, eat, work, play and study. Our annual free, all-ages arts & sustainability festival brings together and showcases school programs, green business leaders, not-for-profits, artist, musicians, speakers and entertainers of all descriptions.

ommunity arts and sustainability events that showcase school programs, green business leaders, not-for-profits, artist, musicians, speakers and entertainers of all descriptions committed to the same values.

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